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JCMT and UKIRT Set New Publication Records in 2011

JCMT and UKIRT Set New Publication Records in 2011

Like all observatories, the JAC routinely tracks the number of published scientific papers each year based on data from our two telescopes; this is then used as a measure of the observatory's productivity. We are delighted to report that 2011 saw both telescopes setting new records for this number of publications.

UKIRT's impressive publication numbers continue to grow with this new record of 138 beating the previous record set in 2010 by 20 publications. Among these is a prominent Nature article published in June 2011 which presented the discovery of the most distant known quasar (Mortlock et al., 2011, Nature, 474, 616). This object was discovered in the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) which has dominated the UK time on UKIRT.

Observations for UKIDSS commenced in 2005 and the publication of scientific results has been increasing steadily since the first paper appeared in 2006. The graph below shows this increase and the reflects the productivity of survey science. The complete record of UKIRT publications is given here and the UKIDSS-specific papers are listed by the UKIDSS consortium here.

The JCMT record is no less impressive given the recent focus of the telescope towards the commissioning of SCUBA-2. The last couple of years in particular have seen significant telescope time allocated for on-sky testing and shared risk observing. Indeed the instrument that contributed the most papers to this new total of 103 is the original SCUBA, which was operational from 1998 to 2005.

As of September 2011 SCUBA-2 is a fully commissioned instrument. As it starts to produce the ground breaking science it was designed for we can be confident that data from SCUBA-2 will feature prominently in future publications.


The specific criteria adopted for inclusion in the publication list can be found here for UKIRT and here for JCMT.

Contact: JAC outreach. Updated: Fri Feb 17 10:48:53 HST 2012

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